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On The Road with Kenny Huskins

By NewsByFar |Monday 19-02-18 | Gh

We believe there's a great future for the Ghanaian Music Industry.
With various young promising artists ready to have a very positive infact,  we put the spotlight on one particular artist; Kenny Huskins.

Born Kenneth Oti Appiah ( 24th June 1993), Kenny Huskins is a Ghanaian artist full with passion for music. 

He began rap at a tender age and has never looked back since.

 He appeared in his first ever rap cypher during his Secondary School days in St. Thomas Aquinas and progressed to releasing mixtapes with a group he had joined named Suave XL. 

Still on his journey, he completed Ghana Technology University  College (GTUC) and is now focusing 101% on his music career.

Earlier this year, he released a single ; CROSSOVER.

With the right publicity and exposure that song would be one of the biggest hits to come out from the Ghanaian Community and Even the African Content.

In 2017, he began a rap series ; On The Road which sees him pouring out heart catching and mind blowing lyrics in a mixture of languages ranging from Ga, Akan(Twi) , English and Pidgin . From what we understand, On The Road simply means On The Road to success. And success he'll surely attain .

Below is just a sample of what great talent this young Artist Posses.

We wish him the best in life and urge every reader to help in promoting upcoming artists like himself , all the way to the Top.

 For a win for him is surely a win for Ghana; Africa

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