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#DiscoveryMonthApril Day 3

This month , we decided to lead a charge #DiscoveryMonthApril which will help discover new talents, businesses, ideas especially creative ones. If you've been an active member of this Website you'd know we have an uncovered section that categorizes what we've found so far.

This post is adding on to it.

As social media addicts , we usually come across many exciting post we try to bring to light. But this profile really caught our eyes . You can check them out @migrainephotos across all social media platforms.

They take really interesting weird kind of pics in a unique way.  Usually or basically Mobile Photography.

These images have a unique look to them and we thought you all should experience them. Here are some of their recent works. It seems they just recently joined Social Media so just follow them @migrainephotos. You won't regret it .