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Ghanaians deserve more - DCircles

Let’s celebrate our own .

Article by Guest Blogger : DCircles 
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We keep praising Hollywood , Bollywood and all the "woods" for their tremendous participation in entertainment worldwide. We know all the models, actors , musicians and you tubers in all parts of the world,except in Ghana .

Ama K.

 People, including myself sometimes say, “oh the Ghanaian entertainment industry has nothing better to offer.”  Even though this might sometimes be true , we still have to support our entertainment industry regardless .

Ameyaw Debrah

There are a lot of Ghanaians doing an amazing job at home and in the diaspora . Praise them . Let them know their worth . This will motivate them to be a better version of themselves.

Kenny Huskins
Some songs I listen to from other parts of the world hardly makes any sense and yet their fellow citizens support them always by attending their concerts and shows, downloading their songs and videos to give them that little income .

Kwesi Arthur
Blaming the citizens alone will be hypocritical. The entertainment industry should also improve it’s ways of being creative. Change that movie’s story line , add that beat , try this genre of music , more Ghanaian YouTubers, and let’s improve our entertainment industry. Let’s give the people something creative to look forward to .

Yvonne Nelson
It will take sometime definitely, Rome was not built in a day . But a little progress or improvement will give the Ghanaian community a little hope in our entertainment industry .

Just a concerned Ghanaian entertainment enthusiast who wants more .

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