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Mental and Emotional Health of Men - An issue undiscussed. Ladies Listen!

Mental and Emotional Health of Men - An issue undiscussed.

The year is 2018 , and in a "Modern" aged World where relevant issues are over shadowed by a sea of insignificant happenings.

The Male species (Homo Sapiens) have unchecked emotions. Expressing them seems so unmanly.

Are we forgetting , humans we all are?

Men generally don't like to share what goes on in their minds or express exactly what they feel.


Because they've been brought up in a society where the opposite sex refuses to generally listen .(my own opinion tho)

A society where "Aden wony3 b3ma"(Akan Dialect meaning "Why aren't you a man)  is the order of the day.

There isn't that space where they feel comfortable

Ladies, if you get yourself a man who chooses to express himself rather than bury everything within him, cherish him, listen to him, don't brush him off.

Some violent actions caused by men are due to such grounds . No one is born evil (I stand to be corrected).

They say communication is Key. Communication is a two way thing.

From a personal experience .

I dated this very nice gentleman but I lost him to someone else. He was head over heels in love with me and so was I.

I'd always share what goes on in my life and he'd always listen and advise me accordingly.

But when it's his turn, I unknowingly brushed him off (not that I didn't listen, I just seemed distracted by something) .

Trust me, I never thought he'd ever leave me but he did . I rained all the curses i could think off on him but I later came to my own realization.

The girl he left me for wasn't as pretty as I was but just more attentive.

My advice to ladies out there : Just listen. It's that simple. Listen.

Communication is double sided.

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