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Feeling Hungry, want to have fun, need tech solutions? - The LIST

Africa is developing, changes are happening, though not a rapid improvement , we can't deny the fact that citizens are taking up their own mantles in order to help in tackling the unemployment epidemic .

In Ghana, we can see a rapid growth in self owned businesses by self acclaimed entrepreneurs. It's a really good situation.
Why drown in unemployment when you can start something on your own?


So today we shed some light on such business you should definitely try out in times of need. Be it food, IT skills, Creatives, Fun places/Hangouts. 

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Here is a list, in no particular order. Categorized. Enjoy.





1. Biishville -  Private Chef services , Restaurant, Nomadic Dining, African food , started by a young man with great taste from delicious food.

2. Teabaa - Ghana's first tea bar located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Osu in Accra. They serve teas that make you stop to appreciate the moment and food that force you to do a dance because it's that good.

3. Big Sam's Kitchen- A pop-up cooking service offered by two brothers who can't seem to stop causing a stir in the kitchen.

4. Wonderwings- "On the Go' Bettering people's days one wing at a time. - That's what their twitter handle says so Yes you guessed right. They offer tasty chicken wings.

5. Aduanipa - Good News local food lovers. You guys can't be left out of this list. Aduanipa is your no.1 Fufu spot which offers delivery service too.

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1. OceanTechView - An Tech Startup specializing in creative works( Art, Photography, multimedia), tech solutions ( Web Design, Graphics Design, SEO, Social Media Management & Marketing) , Blogging, and so much more.

2. Wondaco - A multimedia firm that does everything multimedia from photography, video creation and editorial, etc.

3. Changer's Agency - A platform for bringing together creative minds in order to solve problems both personal and on a nationwide level

4. Artemartis - An online Art Gallery that has created a platform for artist and creatives to share as well as sell their various works of Art.

5. Artmosphere2.0 - Building a strong design community in Ghana.

Fun Places/Hangouts

1. Legon Gardens


2. A Beach (kokrobite, Labadi etc)
3. A club ( twist, plot 7 etc)

4. Marvels Golf Court
5. Go-cart racing ( A1 raceway, House Party)

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