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Man reportedly caught using wire to steal from tithe box in Port-Harcourt (photos)

- A Nigerian man has been caught stealing from an offering box

 - The man was caught using a wire to unlock the box

 - It was gathered that the man was caught at a church in Port-Harcourt has come across the story of a man who was caught stealing at a church in Port-Harcourt. The man was caught stealing money from the offering box at St Mark’s Anglican Church.

 The story was shared on social media by a Facebook user identified as Ezekiel West Tamunominabo. The Facebook user revealed that the thief was caught trying to unlock the offering box with a wire and a gum.

Thief caught in church Man reportedly caught using wire to steal from tithe box in Port-Harcourt Photo source: Facebook user Ezekiel West TamunominaBo According to Ezekiel, the man was only able to steal five hundred Naira (GHC from the tithe box.

 He noted that the pastor of the church prayed for the thief after he was interrogated by the members of the church who caught him. It was also gathered from the Facebook post that the thief had been doing the same for a while.
 He was reported to have committed the same crime around churches in the area. Read the post below: "A man caught stealing from St Marks Anglican Church port Harcourt Earlier this morning in St marks Anglican Church a man was caught stealing from the tithe box in the church alter....

Which at the end it was 500 Naira he ended getting from the box, from investigation the young man has been doing this in several churches in town he used a long constructed wire and inserted a gum to dip into the tithe box as it was locked with padlock.

 The vicar of the church prayed for this young man who claimed to have been stealing in the church several times... They say one day for the thief and one day for the owner. Reported By Ezekiel tamunominabo west Port Harcourt." Read more:

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